Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's What I Make of It

I woke in darkness and thought,
"Today I'm 69."
I knew the alarm hadn't awakened me, so I dozed awhile longer.
When I finally opened my eyes again, the power was off.
I looked outside and realized why:

A foot of wet snow had fallen overnight.

I overslept - something I never do. 
Of course, this particular morning I had an early appointment. 
The fox watched silently as I rushed out the door to drive into town. 
Perhaps it came to say "Happy Birthday, Barb."

The mountain was nearly obscured by low hanging clouds.

Droplets of moisture and snow bombs fell onto my head as I entered the building.
Guess who I visited on the morning of my 69th birthday -

Yep, I had a 2 hour appointment to prep for a crown.
My long-time dentist is also the mayor of Breckenridge.
I asked him where the balloons, the cake, and the friends were hiding -
he said I'd have to settle for some novacaine and drilling instead.

Now, I'm in Denver where a loud thunderstorm just passed through.
Bob is preparing me a crab feast for my birthday dinner.

Snow, pain-free dentistry, and my husband cooking dinner - 
this may be my best birthday ever!
Surely, it's a birthday I won't forget!

On Monday, I leave on a Girlfriends' Vacation to AZ.

Today, for me, find one good thing  and pass it on.


  1. I'd skip the dental work, but otherwise, sounds like an awesome day Ms. Barb. Happy Birthday!

  2. yeah, the 2 hours in a dentist chair doesn't sound wonderful, but at least it was pain-free! the surprise snow dump is gorgeous! happy, happy birthday to you! how sweet of your hubby! and yum!

  3. Hey Barb have a happy birthday, I hope that crab was good.

  4. Happy Birthday...but, what a day to have dental work! We need to talk about having fun. :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Barb!! Love the dentist's caring words, so thoughtful and generous, specially the novocain part. Enjoy your dinner, and the fox added a perfect touch to a wonderful snowy morning all for your celebration.Greetings, Jean.

  6. Happy Birthday! Your photos are beautiful. Have a wonderful birthday week :) XOL

  7. I'd skip the dentist as I'm terrified... Sounds like a great birthday otherwise. Your shots are superb!

    Enjoy your next holiday! (Talk about contrasts...)

  8. I hate the sound of drilling a tooth.
    Good to have a pain-free dental treatment today. After that, a vacation to AZ is waiting for you!

  9. That was not fair to have a dentist visit on your birthday. Good thing you have your girlfriends trip to look forward to. Have a great time.

  10. Well first Happy Birthday Barb, I am surprised you got snow again. I would never ever make a dentist appointment on my birthday.


  11. I'm drooling at the thought of your crab dinner. Happy 69th (again ;). If my teenage memories serve me right, that's the sign of Cancer the crab.

  12. Hope it was a happy one! One good thing is that you even make a trip to the dentist a good thing. I do go regularly, but it would not be a high point of my day! Happy travels

  13. Like the fox, I'm pausing to wish you Happy Birthday again, Barb. You are the youngest 69 year old I've ever known.

  14. Oh I missed your sorry!! Happy Belated Birthday, so glad to hear that your dentist appointment was pain free and that you were delighted with a crab dinner!! Have great fun on your girls' trip.

  15. Oh I'm so sorry I missed your birthday party (except for the dentistry part, even if it was painless). Have a wonderful vacation with your friends (you're probably already on the way because I came by so late.)

  16. Dear Barb, I am so sorry I missed your birthday. It looks as if I have missed a lot of things lately! I am such a slacker and I can't believe that I haven't kept in touch with you. Looks like you had a wonderful trip to Zions (30 min from my house) it is so beautiful there, and you hit it as the right time because right now it is soooo hot! The creek is amazing if you can put your feet in it when it is 95 outside and still numbs your feet! Your grandbaby is growing so much! I will get busy and post pics of our newest and last grand daughter. She is adorable and has chubby cheeks like your guy. Wow! so much to say and catch up with. Hope your doing well! hugs..linda

  17. Well I'm a bit late to the party. I would have brought wine in place of the novocaine but I suppose that worked out better for you. ;) Happy 69th, Barb. Have a great time on your holiday.

  18. I am late in wishing you but nevertheless, wish you had a very Happy Birthday. The photos with all that snow looks so very beautiful especially now, when I am sweating in Mumbai with temperatures touching 40 degree celcius!!
    Have a wonderful trip Barb :)

  19. Happy 69th and 12 days Birthday, Barb! Everyday should be a celebration of life.

    Looking forward to the Arizona posts and pictures!

  20. Wow, that is a lot of snow overnight. We only occasionally get that kind of snow fall here. I hope you had a very happy birthday. I love the high contrast snow photos.

  21. Tut, I missed this birthday post by a mile. But glad it was a lovely experience, even the dentistry. :)


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