Sunday, February 10, 2013

This and That - Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Not much photography to share this week. 
The sky's been alternately blue and gray.
However, even on sunny days, it stayed below freezing.
On the weekend, we babysat for Sam, who is 5 months old.
He's a smiling, content baby.
  His newest skill is blowing raspberries.
He especially delights in practicing while eating.
My glasses are coated in mashed banana
by the time I finish feeding him.

Gathering together a few photos for
Scavenger Hunt Sunday:


Sam's fat little piggy-toes.


Bob and I bought this illustration in 1985 from a young artist
outside the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.
It's hung in several kitchens since then, in PA, in MD, and now in CO.


My five year old grandson leads me through the fox installation at the Denver Art Museum.


A spruce laden with new snow provides some window beauty
as I snuggle inside with Sam.


From my heart to yours:
Happy Valentine Day to all.
I hope your day isn't at all prickly!


  1. tiny cute toes and sweet prickly pear heart! now, go clean those glasses. :)

  2. p.s. forgot to say, i love the hog in bras. :)

  3. Love that prickly pear heart.

  4. Love those toes, and the others too, Take care, they say CO is in line for big snowfalls, after the Eastern areas have had more than they wanted. Greetings, Jean.

  5. Love that you are surrounded by snow and yet your heart is a cactus...kind of an oxymoron, giggle. How fun to have a little one to babysit and enjoy his little piggies, and speaking of that illustration!!

  6. I love hearing about you and Sam! He has great toes, your other grandson leading you through the museum is great and I love your window view.

  7. Lovely shots - your grandsons toes are adorable.

  8. Thanks for sharing your scavenger hunt with us...delightful....and happy to hear that there is enough snow for you to be out skiing this morning...even if it was too cold! Glad to see you on the Sunday Stones! Nice to have our "stoned" friends. :-)

  9. Who'd have thought a prickly pear would ever look like a Valentine, but it does! Great job!

  10. Happy Valentine and what a cactus.


  11. Wonderful pictures, Sam's little toes are adorable! Yes, were still on baby watch, thanks for your good wishes. :)

  12. Hi, Barb,
    I am enjoying your photos. I am so impressed that each has its own charm. Beautiful!!! What adorable Sam’s soft,little toes are! You are such a happy grandmother with Sam. I like the photo of window beauty too.
    Enjoy your day!

    PS...I am beginning to walk inside my house with a cane.

  13. I went out yesterday with the idea to take some photos, but right now the mood is just not there... maybe today? :)

    Love your images, especially those cute toes.

  14. That's a great find, a heart shaped cactus! Happy VD Barb, will be thinking of you while playing in the snow in Yosemite!

  15. A wonderful group of photos, Barb. I can tell you and your husband are enjoying that little guy.

  16. I love that something you randomly picked up is still with you almost 30 years later. Do you wonder if the artist became famous? The fox installation is very cool, and the heart cactus :) X

  17. What a wonderful collection of photos...of course your darling little guy is the cute, even if we only see his toesies! But next after that, the perfect V Day cactus just has me in awe!

  18. Love those baby toes, how cute! I hope you have a lovely Valentine's day too. :<)

  19. your selection of happy small things is simply heartwarming! thank you also for your lovely words on my blog, always! warm hug from cold tulipland...

  20. How cute are those small toes!! So very delicate. And the view from the window with all the snow is artistic. Wish you a wonderful day Barb :)

  21. Have fun wiping the mashed bananas from your glasses! I love the snowy spruce needles - you know I can never get enough of snow pictures while sitting down here in FL.

  22. Soon, those feet will lose their innocence; they'll be walking--getting grungy, dirty, and stinky; but will still be lovable.

    I enjoyed ALL the photos. How'd you grow that cactus heart? :) You've got a perfect Valentine's card there.

  23. Lovely mashed-banana love on Grandma's glasses... so sweet... Happy Belated Love Day.

  24. A little behind on my comments. You are a role model as a grandmother. They are lucky grandchildren

  25. I love the Hog In Bras and those adorable, fat little toes.


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