Friday, February 17, 2023

Healing Thoughts

Good News!

My physical therapist told me last week I could begin exercising outdoors.
As soon as I returned home from his office, I got myself ready for a walk.
I left from the house and walked a half hour on the plowed dirt road nearby.

I was careful.
I was v-e-r-y slow....
I was exhilarated!

At one point, I realized my face was wet with tears.
How embarrassing - I was crying tears of joy.
I pulled myself together and kept striding.

Now, I go for a walk nearly every day.
I take a hiking pole but only use it if there is an icy patch.
I'm able to walk over an hour most days.
My ankle is stiff by evening, but I see improvement daily.
I continue meeting with my PT.

storm clouds hide Red Mountain

Winter landscapes are constantly changing.
Clouds move in and bring snow.

Each dawn bestows the gift of a new day.

This photo is for a blog friend who loves foxes.
She recently received a troubling diagnosis, so I send her healing thoughts.

My One Good Thing today is the body's ability to heal.
I wish you strength.
I wish you sunshine.
I wish you healing.


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