Wednesday, November 10, 2021


We're having a longer transition period between fall and winter than usual.

dawn from front deck

Though we get small snow squalls, temperatures remain mild.

same dawn from back deck

I watch dawn add soft pastels to the sky.

Sometimes, a fox sees me stirring and comes to say hello.

Though I don't feed the wildlife, animals are accustomed to me.

I speak softly to wild visitors.

our house is just to the left of Bob in the trees

The state forest service is doing a clear cut in the forest behind our house.

Our landscape is changing drastically as trees give way to mountain views.

little boys and their toys

Heavy equipment operates from dawn to dark just off our land.
It's an adjustment, but I'm grateful for the fire break.

Soon we'll be able to use our touring skis.
Until then, we hike the trails carefully.
The snow is slippery, and ice is forming in Lehman Creek.

goodbye - see you soon!

We're grateful for our health and for the beauty that surrounds us.
Look for one good thing - pass it on....

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