Sunday, October 25, 2020

End of Fall

We're awaiting snow.


We've had longer than usual fall weather.
Now, we need moisture badly.

dried grasses glowing in sunlight

It's been nice to hike through balmy fall days.
But, the forest is very, very dry.
A blanket of snow would reduce our risk of wildfire.

town of Breckenridge from a ridge in our neighborhood

Yesterday, after our walk, I sowed wildflower seeds.
I smile at the promise of the seeds.
Perhaps next summer I'll see colorful blooms dancing in the breeze.

lovely Blue Spruce in the forest

Early this morning, Silver, the large male fox, scouted our property.
I saw movement on the deck and watched the pine marten on patrol.
Later, I was startled by 4 bull moose stampeding through the forest.
I was glad I wasn't walking a path near them!
The wild things are alert and on the move.

heading home through dry forest

We received good news this week. 
Bob's Urologist called to report that his bloodwork was excellent.
Though I didn't know I was worried, I shed tears of relief.
Now, we go on with life until his next test in 3 months.

sunset before the forecasted snow

As I finish this post, it's starting to snow.
Moisture in the form of white is my one good thing today.

Photos are of walks near the house in the past week.
Thank you for your visit.
Stay well!
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