Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Greetings from Breckenridge at the End of April

We're having spectacular weather at the end of April.
There is no snow in the immediate forecast.

dawn from our front deck

Of course, we can't go too long without some moisture.
With a warming trend, we hope it comes as rain.

Breckenridge Ski area - still lots of snow

The snow in the forest and on the mountain becomes very unstable in the spring.
For safe exercise, I walk the streets in my neighborhood.
It feels good to wear a lighter jacket and walk in my trail shoes.

Mount Baldy in morning sunshine

Others pass me infrequently - I rarely have to pull up my mask.
We wave, and one of us crosses to the other side of the road.

no lift lines (melting snow at base of Peak 9)

Bob and I go 3 weeks before grocery shopping.
We tried on-line shopping and pickup at a nearby store last week.
It worked fine, so we'll do it again.
We went into Whole Foods to pick out our produce and fruit.

Blue River still low in its banks

Colorado and our county/town are lifting some of the isolation rules.
Next week, salons and small businesses can open with restrictions.
Restaurants and bars remain closed except for takeout.
People cannot gather in crowds.
No short term rentals are permitted.
People are asked to wear masks in public.

where you can find me most mornings waiting for dawn

This Covid lifestyle  isn't too much different from our normal way of life.
We tend to be stay-at-home, quiet people.
However, normally, we don't spend so much time disinfecting! 

Today, Bob and I teleconferenced with his urologist about his prostate cancer.
He must go to a lab tomorrow for bloodwork.
That exposure is a bit scary, but he'll wear gloves and mask.
He'll shower, and we'll launder his clothes when he returns.

We won't relax our own isolation and social distancing for awhile.
Though we feel healthy, we have friends with the virus who are very sick.
One of our acquaintances died.
In our mid-70's, it's up to us to limit our exposure.

swing still buried in snow

I know that during this time, people are suffering physically, mentally, and economically.

We do what we normally do to stay healthy and sane:

stay in touch with family and friends electronically
go outside or open a window to breathe fresh air
meditate/pray and think positive thoughts
limit the news
eat healthy

it will snow in May, but I'm not encouraging it

Bob took this photo of me today.
My hair has grown from a short dandelion puff to an unruly tumbleweed!
Don't worry - I'm putting that pillow away - no use tempting fate.

Stay well!

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