Sunday, April 7, 2019

Peace and Love Abide with You

March was hectic with record snowfall and company.
We had family visiting over their spring breaks from school.

The push/pull of the seasons continues.
April is sometimes mild and sometimes chilly.
Snow continues to fall, but melt is underway.
The dirt road where I normally walk is a muddy mess.
Winter still dominates at high altitude.
It often grips the landscape through May.

I got a new "smart" sports watch this week.
I didn't want one that I could use as a phone or camera.
I did want one that has great battery life and has navigation tools for hiking/biking.
I also wanted a wrist heart rate monitor.
Unfortunately, the Garmin Instinct is smarter than I am, so it took me hours to set it up.

Today, the watch and I went on the Rec Path to walk 5 miles.
I walked - the watch told me many things (some of which I didn't need to know).
It was a sunny, blue-sky day with temps 10-15 degrees above freezing.
As usual, I smiled most of the way.

even Kachina and the Eagle were smiling

Did you know that just the act of smiling is very beneficial to your health?
I always start the day by looking at myself in the mirror and smiling.
I smile at random people, and they return the favor.
A smile is like a yawn - the brain automatically responds to a smile with a smile.
When I pass people, I bless them by thinking, "May peace and love abide with you."
I do this for animals, too.

the Blue River is free from ice and snow at some places

Today, beside people smiles, I received a smile from a large Malamute dog.
(Perhaps he sensed my blessing...)

I've been doing a lot of reading about new brain research.
I'm watching podcasts on brain/heart/gut connections.
I hope to share some of the things I'm learning in future posts.

I'd encourage you to smile more often.
See if your attitude doesn't change.
I bet you'll feel more positive about your life.
I think it will help you find One Good Thing.

May Peace and Love abide with you.

One Good Thing

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