Friday, October 12, 2018

In a Hopeful Light

We're renting a condo in Solana Beach, CA.
There is a lovely light hanging over the steps leading to the downstairs bedrooms.

Some mornings, I sit in darkness facing that light. 

I watch the sun begin to illuminate the sky.

Hope is a lot like light.
Hope illuminates darkness.
It imprints upon negative space and allows a positive picture to form.
The picture may not be reality but it is real nonetheless.

Hope reflects our heart's desires. 

Bob and I are feeling well.
We stay active.
We smile.

Light and hope fill our days.

Bob's treatment will start sooner than we thought.
We'll stay in California for a couple months until it's completed.

I give thanks for light and hope today - both are good things.

I'm thankful also for family and friends who offer prayers and positive thoughts.
We feel very loved and supported.

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