Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Dance of Seasons

Winter and spring push and pull at high altitude.
Three days of storms deposit 33" (84cm) of snow.
We need the moisture to safeguard against summer wildfires.

Bob keeps busy plowing, shoveling decks , and raking the roof.
Temperatures rise again, and the new snow melts quickly.

Tourists stop visiting for awhile as the ski areas close for the season.
Town is quiet and deserted.

I walk along the shores of Lake Dillon noticing spring changes.
Ground cover watered by melting snow glows in the sunlight.

Wind clouds gather over the Continental Divide.
In a coffee shop. I watch two young women communicate gracefully in sign language.
A young man with green-dyed curls, a contrasting red beard, and a nose ring works on his computer.
I see it all and smile in appreciation.

Our family will visit this weekend.
Perhaps our son will play for us.

We'll hug and say goodbye.
Bob and I leave for CA soon.
The fox will stay to guard the property.

Goodbye mountains and hello beach!
The dance of seasons is my One Good Thing today.

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