Monday, July 28, 2014

Nature's Garden - Wildflowers at High Altitude

Pinnate Daisies

After a weekend of rain, the forest welcomes me -
a smell of moist decay and green rebirth.

Entering dense growth, I noticed a spot of red.
Wild strawberries are coming into season.

Morning sun backlights grasses.


Wildflowers dance in a light breeze.

In a shady ditch, Pearly Everlasting line up for inspection.

A small decaying stump
(which I have photographed countless times)
is especially appealing with its sodden textures
resting on bright ground cover.

delicate and orchid-like but highly poisonous - Death Camus

In boggy areas, Death Camus
waves its ghostly blossoms.

orange Paintbrush, white Paintbrush, Pinnate Daisies

I walk through Nature's garden.

Surrounded by wildflowers - One Good Thing

(all photos iPhone 5)

I've been researching mirrorless cameras (4/3 macros).
If anybody visiting me uses a mirrorless, I'd like to hear from you.


  1. gosh, love the stumps and blooms. that pearly one is unique!

    ruth at has gotten one. i'm sure she'd love to give you an opinion as she's quite the photographer!

  2. Beautiful Pearly everlasting, can the flowers be hung up and dried? Mirrorless ...I belong to the "Ugly Hedgehog" forum and if you go there , you may need to be a member or log in,and "Search" with mirrorless, there is so much info on what people use, lenses that they have, portability, and so much else. Budget comes into it too. Hope you find which one suits, one suggestion, go to a well known camera shop and see how each one fits in your hand, this was the deciding factor for my Canon 550D or Rebel T2i, as my hands are on the small size. Lovely summertime photos Barb. Cheers,Jean.

  3. Beautiful shots with your I-Phone and what a lovely place to walk, must be so peaceful!!

  4. Oh, I groaned out loud about the wild strawberry.....hundreds of miles away I can taste that incredible sweetness that only the Rocky Mountain strawberries seem to achieve. Thanks so much for this wonderful tour of your wildflowers.

  5. My goodness, these are truly beautiful captures.
    Bravo Barb

  6. Had a hard time getting past the strawberries. How does so much sweet get into those tiny fruits? The checkered stump will soon nourish more of these delightful wildflowers.

  7. Surely we have had a peep into the garden of Eden - with such variety of wild plants - I am so envious of your surroundings.

  8. ... And, I walk along with you, Barb. These trails are so inviting and I can smell the clear crisp wet fragrance of the moist earth even while I savor all the beautiful sights there.

    PS: Apologies as I am going a bit off topic here but I sincerely wanted to thank you for your highly encouraging comments on my blog today, thank you very much Barb - your words are deeply motivating and really mean a lot to me. I feel blessed to have connected with friends like you... Thank you. :-)

  9. You manage to find the beauty in plain ole grass and rotting stumps. You have the eye that can't be learned.

  10. Nothing better than 'nature's gardens', Barb. Thanks so much for taking us along with you. I love that 'nursing log/stump'. I find these so intriguing and packed full of life's nutrients. I also like those orange Paintbrush too.

  11. I have been following Trey Ratcliffe from New Zealand for a couple of years now who specializes in HDR work but was the 1st to bring mirrorless cameras into my world. I haven't done really much research lately but this link may be of some interest.

    The 3rd generation cameras are the next big thing in cameras. Let me know if this is any help to you in deciding which route to take or if to change at all. This article is old I suspect in regards to the camera world but Trey has away of taking the mystery out of things. I enjoy seeing his finished work and marvel at the nuances of colour and depth.

    Cheers Barb!

  12. all these images! Being in a forest makes me happy.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful moments in time.

  14. Wild Strawberries and Pearly Everlasting ... wonderful words for wonderful things. And what wonderful pictures you take with your phone! Bravo, Barb. xoxo

  15. Lovely shots! I do love wild strawberries.

  16. Interesting. We don't have any Pearly Everlasting yet, but the strawberries are long gone. Harvested two quarts of raspberries at a friend's patch yesterday. You are really a "nature child", Barb.

  17. Thanks for your encouraging comment today and the beautiful mountain visit. The wild strawberries look so good!

  18. The stump is great with the green contrasting color and textures! All lovely photos though.

  19. Beautiful early spring walk (August in the mountains!). I have never tasted a wild strawberry. Need to remedy that someday.

  20. Fantastic wildflowers. And there is nothing like wild strawberries - tiny but packed with flavour.


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