Monday, September 30, 2013

Running Wild - Morning Glories - They Grow on You

Remember the story of Jack and his Beanstalk?
Well, my magic beans are Morning Glory seeds.

I threw a few in the dirt beside the house in Denver several years ago.
I had no idea they're so prolific.
Each spring, I yank tiny tendrils when they appear.
Every summer, the vines multiply.

Late this season, they overtook the Nasturtium.
They scaled the climbing rose.
Spiral threads reach toward the roof.

Pink and purple flowers peek jauntily through my windows.
They've turned my narrow side garden into a jungle.
They're uncontainable:

Glories of the Morning

Here's what I've learned:
I'm not going to win this battle.
I'm starting to marvel at their tenacity and perseverance.
I think maybe I'm even enjoying them!
They're starting to grow on me.


  1. MIght as well surrender! I think that's what I'd do if I still gardened (back where I did when we had a backyard). It's not how I treated them then, but like you now I admire tenacity (and things that don't need a lot of care and attention).

  2. Barb, guess it is a losing battle and all you can do is enjoy them and let 'em be,
    I love morning glories and had some in my Colorado Springs home.

    Pretty pics :)

  3. I like Morning Glories but don't let them grow on you to the point of encasement. ;)

  4. my gosh, they're gorgeous! laughing at your fight against them, and now your respect of them. :) i tried growing some here from seeds from a blogger pal. the bunnies ate them down to the ground before they had a chance. came up again next year - same thing. *sigh*

  5. My neighbors planted both morning glory seeds and a Carolina Jesamine (Jasmine). They have moved along a hidden alley fence four properties in 4 years. No stopping either one...but, I DO do my share. I love plants, but these tend toward evil. ;-)

  6. They remind me of my unwanted bout with bindweed which looks a little like morning glories and is just as aggressive. I'm still fighting uselessly. Maybe I should adapt your attitude.

  7. They're so pretty, I say don't fight it - let them take over!

  8. They're starting to grow on you BWAH haha! At least they're a good looking "weed".

  9. I love those last lines, yes, you might as well enjoy their beauty as you aint going to win against them. And I have to admit that they look pretty, they are fiery in color! Have a nice week Barb :)

  10. They're beautiful and so full of life. I guess you'll have to see them as more children and continue to care for them. :)

  11. Oh I love morning glories and I'm glad that you're beginning to also. :)

  12. They are in your life to mirror the tenacity and perseverance that serves you! Lovely!


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